Tenerife group holidays

Tenerife Group Holidays

Excursions and activities for groups

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Group Holiday in Tenerife - The Best Tips

Traveling on vacation to Tenerife together in a group promises to be a special event. Within the group you usually already know each other. Be it within the family, from the company in which you work, from the club in which you are involved or simply from the circle of friends. The informal atmosphere in a foreign environment relaxes the relationship between you. Fun and joy about what you have experienced are in the foreground. You get to know each other better and this inevitably strengthens the connections between you.

There are many reasons for group travel. For companies, for example, they are a popular means of incentivizing employees. A team that has made an excellent contribution to the company's success is awarded a trip to Tenerife. Or the fiancée invite their friends to a stag do in Tenerife. There are also families whose members live widely dispersed. They use the group trip to Tenerife as an opportunity to see everyone again and to spend time together. The Canary Island is ideal for such occasions. There are countless accommodation options and plenty of excursions that can be undertaken together. Read here why your group should travel to Tenerife and what you can do there together.


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Things to Do for Groups in Tenerife

Which Excursions Suite Groups in Tenerife Best?

First of all, it is important to agree on one or more organized excursions within the group. When choosing, it is best to take into account that capacity limits apply to most activities. For example, the maximum number of participants on a buggy tour in Tenerife is set to 16. In contrast, larger groups can easily charter an entire boat with the required capacity on their own. There are a large number of excursion boats of various sizes available on the holiday island. Such charters also have the advantage that the price per person is cheaper than on normal tours. At the end of this text we have listed all our excursions in the order of the maximum number of participants. The sorting makes it easier for you to choose a suitable excursion for your group. The following small list should quickly show you which excursions are suitable for you.

Bus Tours For Groups in Tenerife

One of the most popular activities in Tenerife to do in the group is bus tours. Travel to the most beautiful sights and the most impressive places on the island in a comfortable and air-conditioned coach. Your experienced tour guide takes care of all matters and knows a lot about the nature, history and people of the Canary Island. Bus tours are suitable for any group size, as the capacity of the vehicles is flexible and, if necessary, even multiple buses can be used at the same time.

On Boat Trips in a Group

Regardless of the size of your group, you can charter boats at any time in Tenerife and set off for a wonderful day at sea. You will find all imaginable boat sizes and types on the island: from small sailing boats with a capacity of 10 passengers to large catamarans that are designed for more than 100 people. In the case of a charter, you can, in coordination with the skipper, determine the course of the day and the services on board. If you are considering a boat charter, it is best to contact us. On our website you can also just book the required number of spaces for one of the public boat excursions in Tenerife.

Guided Hiking Tours For Groups in Tenerife

Nature lovers and the active people among you will find great pleasure on a guided hike in Tenerife. Group sizes can also vary during this activity. If necessary, several guides are used, whereby a maximum of 25 people in total can rarely be exceeded. Experience the landscape and nature of this extraordinary volcanic island up close walking.

Buggy Driving in a Group

Action and adrenaline fans shouldn't miss out on a buggy tour in Tenerife. Take a closer look at these small, high-spirited speedsters on our website. You will be absolutely amazed. However, the capacity limits of a maximum of 18 people of this tour are quickly reached. Please note that for larger groups, however, it is possible to split participants into two or more tours. This might be a suitable option for you.

Are Incentive Trips to Tenerife Recommended?

The term incentive has become increasingly important in business in recent years. Management likes to use incentives as an instrument for employee motivation and team building. Among others, especially joint trips are very popular measure with both bosses and employees. It is a way, whole teams or individual employees from different company areas should be recognized for their exceptional performance. This increases motivation and spurs them on to improve. But incentive travel can also do great things to strengthen team spirit and promote future cooperation. Tenerife is the ideal destination for these kinds of tours. Only 5 hours of flight time, a modern tourist infrastructure and the countless offers for activities speak for the island. And last but not least, the beautiful weather all year round offers great flexibility in planning the time of travel.

How About a Tenerife Stag Do?

The end of the single life is one of the most crucial events in life without a doubt. Many celebrate this event with a stag do. There is a lot of talking, laughing and celebrating involved. Tradition demands that the fiancée has to do silly tasks during a tour from bar-to-bar. Warm temperatures and a very lively nightlife make such a celebration an unforgettable experience. So why not celebrate the bachelor party on Tenerife? The nightlife, countless bars and the discotheques of the larger tourist resorts on the island offer the perfect ambience for such occasion.

What Is Important When Booking and Organizing?

Anyone who is busy organizing a group trip has to take a variety of aspects into account. How should the journey take place? Where should the group stay? What is the schedule for each day? How should the catering be arranged? And when answering all these questions, you must also take into account the individual needs and ideas of your fellow travelers. Consenting to everyone involved seems to be the biggest challenge. We can offer you at least support in organizing daily activities. If you already have a rough idea of what everyone in the group would like to do, just let us know. We will then send you suggestions with quotes and you just have to choose. Contact us and we will do the work for you without obligation.

If you do not need tailor-made activities, you can simply choose and book the best for you and your group on our website. Always pay attention to the capacity limits and other minimum requirements for participation. These can be, for example: driving license for buggy tours, maximum body weight for Segway tours or a certain fitness level for bike tours. It is also important to check the website to see whether you will be picked up from the hotel for your excursions or not. All of the above information can be found in the detailed descriptions of the activities under the points “Please Note!” and “Services & Prices”.

Tours and Excursions for Groups in Tenerife

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