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Tips and Information: From Cycling Road bike or MTB Tours to bike hire in Tenerife

The road network of Tenerife offers ideal conditions for the different kinds of cycling. In addition, it is so diverse that both beginners and professionals can easily find really good routes. The wonderful climate of the island also makes driving a bicycle possible all year round. You will find dizzying high gradients for road biking, varied and extremely challenging terrain for mountain bikers, but also beautiful landscapes, on flat stretches for e-bike tours. However, there is nothing better than a cycling tour led by a local professional! ...

In the following article we will introduce all the different types of tours that are offered for cycling in Tenerife and advise on how to prepare for it best.


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Guided road bike excursions in Tenerife

On the public roads of Tenerife there are different routes with more or less traffic, so this factor depends entirely on the route chosen. The variety ranges from flat roads that run parallel to the coast, where the highest speeds can be reached, to mountain drives where you have to pedal with verve. Guides can make route planning much easier for you and are guaranteed to find the right one for you. Of course, fitness and experience are entirely up to you. You should therefore ensure that you are in optimal physical condition to be able to take part in the respective guided racing bike tour.

By MTB through the inland of Tenerife

The impressive mountain paths of the volcanic island will not disappoint you. Endless descents and single trails embedded in breath-taking landscapes create attractive mountain bike routes that are really fun. The descents are adrenaline-pumping and on the ascent, you will really work up a sweat despite the cool breeze. Fun and excitement, an indispensable combination on vacation. With your skills, the tips of the guides and a good suspension, you can master every mountain bike challenge in Tenerife.

Sightseeing by City bike

The so-called "Citybikes" are an excellent alternative to visit a city without traffic jams or looking for a parking space. It is also really pleasant to enjoy fresh air and some exercise on your city tour. These routes are specially designed so that you do not have to undertake steep climbs or great efforts. The tours are therefore ideal for beginners, couch potatoes and also the younger family members. The city bikes are characterized above all by the suspension on the front wheel and the 29-inch tires.

Guided E-bike Tours

If you prefer the easiest possible way on your vacation, but without having to forego a bike tour, the e-bike is definitely the best option for you. Thanks to the help of a small but really powerful motor, you will be pushed forward on the tour with very little effort. Of course, you can't completely avoid pedalling, otherwise it wouldn't be a bike either. The best part is that these bikes are suitable for both paved road and off-road slopes. So, you not only get really far, but you can also discover the less accessible inland and share the fun with the whole family, beginners included.

Bicycle hire in Tenerife

You can easily rent a two-wheeler in Tenerife, as there are a large number of bicycle rentals almost everywhere. This applies both to the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in the various cities in the north and south of the island. With this variant, however, you are responsible for planning a suitable route yourself. You not only have to take your fitness into account, but also any bad weather conditions and traffic. You will not receive any support from a guide and you will also have to rely on yourself on tour. We therefore recommend that you prepare accordingly. It is imperative that you plan your routes in advance to see if it is right for you. In the interior of the island, it is very likely that you will not find any other people or shops and that there is no resting place for refreshments or an emergency stop. Always take water, supplies and a small repair and first aid kit with you.

The proper behaviour when cycling

It is important that you are aware that cycling means an obligation to other road users as well as to nature. Consideration is fundamental and for the best possible mutuality in public traffic, so you should always drive behind each other and on the right side of the road. Reduce your speed if you meet other cyclists, pedestrians or approach intersections. Don't leave an ecological footprint. Take your rubbish with you and don't let oil drip on the floor in case you need to grease your chain. Pay attention to the road signs and obey the traffic rules. In addition, in Spain it is a legal requirement to wear a helmet when cycling.

How to choose the right cycling tour

Adrenaline junkies: mountain biking is perfect if you are looking for intense experiences. For this off-road adventure, you shouldn't be afraid of altitude or speed, have some experience and be in good physical shape.
Racing bike enthusiasts: Even the simplest level that the operators offer in this form of racing bike riding requires optimal physical fitness. Sure, you also have to be experienced in bike handling. Ideal for athletes looking for a challenge.
Active tourists: the city bike is the ideal form of sightseeing for nature and culture lovers. The routes are designed in such a way that there are hardly any climbs and you can reach the most emblematic points of the island with ease. An ideal experience for the whole family, even for less sporty people.
Couch potatoes: If you are looking for a cycling experience, but definitely don't want to forego comfort, you should opt for the electric bike, or e-bike. Cycling doesn't have to be strenuous. Let yourself be pushed by the small but powerful motor and pedal effortlessly. This bike is made for the less sporty among you.

The services included in a bike tour

You will of course receive the latest models of the most famous brand bicycles in perfect condition. The tour price includes the bike helmets, due to the obligation to wear, the transfer service to the starting point of the tour and, depending on where you are staying, to the hotel. Some operators offer free snacks, drinks and photos. If you wish, you can bring your own accessories such as pedals or special protective devices or rent them on site. For more information, please visit our website under the section "Services and Prices".

The requirements for participating

Physical requirements: Mountain bike and racing bike tours are generally designed for participants with a basic knowledge of technique and good physical condition. If you do not meet these requirements, you should refrain from participating. Find out more about the length, height differences, technical requirements, required physical condition, etc.
Minimum age: This depends on the type of bike tour and the operator. It is usually between the ages of 8 and 16.
Weight: Depending on the type of bike, a maximum weight may not be exceeded.
Minimum size: This is required to select the appropriate bike size.
Children: They are welcome on the cycle routes provided they meet all of the above requirements and guidelines.

What you should absolutely consider

In order to make your reservation correctly, you need to be fully informed about all aspects of the excursion. You need to know what level of physical fitness is required and whether technical experience is necessary. It is also advisable to check the length and duration of the route, the differences in altitude and the level of difficulty, which is marked as easy to very difficult. All this information has been compiled in detail for each bike tour on our website under "Please note". Most of all, you should be honest with yourself when assessing your fitness and be realistic about it. Otherwise, it can pose a danger not only to yourself but also to the rest of the participants. Tours are designed to be fun. It's all up to you.

What you must definitely take with you

Cycling shorts and gloves: These items of clothing are strongly recommended for long journeys or for mountain biking, as the kilometres covered will otherwise become uncomfortable after a while.
Firm and closed shoes: they are compulsory and required. Under no circumstances is it permitted to ride a bicycle in sandals or flip-flops. It's neither practical nor safe.
Sportswear: We recommend clothing that is not only comfortable but also suitable for sporting activities. A UV-impermeable top that absorbs sweat well is ideal for touring.
Jackets: You should wear a jacket from October to April. The months are cooler, and although the sun shines all year round, the breezes are colder and the temperature in the interior of the island drops significantly.
Sun protection: One of the most important things to consider. Apply sunscreen with a high sun protection factor several times a day, even on cloudy days.

Tours and Excursions for Older Adults in Tenerife

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