Tenerife couples holidays

Tenerife Couples Holidays

Excursions and activities for couples

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Plans as a Couple: Holiday Time in Tenerife

The holiday for two is one of the most beautiful joint events of the year in a relationship. Tenerife is ideal for a holiday as a couple. Generally, the largest of the Canary Islands belongs to the most popular vacation spots for Europeans. For a pair who wants to go on vacation without children, it offers almost inexhaustible possibilities. A holiday here promises to be a very special time together. The landscapes of the volcanic island are so impressive and diverse that you can do a lot of activities and excursions in nature. There is also a large gastronomic offer and a lively nightlife. Couples in Tenerife will also find first-class holiday apartments and hotels in which they will feel absolutely comfortable.

The common time with the partner is very precious. In Tenerife you can design it in a very special way and thus strengthen your relationship and get even closer. For example, you can relax on the beach together. Or you can jointly master an extremely exciting experience such as canyoning or paintball. You may also just stay in bed all day. Or take a beautiful boat tour into the sunset with a romantic dinner on board. In the following article you can read what you can do as a couple in Tenerife, what you should pay attention to and get other great tips for a successful holiday for two.


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  2. You should take this into account when booking
  3. Celebrate your wedding in Tenerife
  4. Spend the honeymoon in Tenerife
  5. Best hotels for couples in Tenerife
  6. Tenerife's gay and lesbian scene
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Things to Do For Couples in Tenerife

What Organized Tours Are There For Couples in Tenerife?

For most people, a top-class holiday includes a lot to experience and to undertake. In Tenerife, countless operators offer plenty of opportunities to take part in fun, action-packed or informative activities. Bring a little spark into your partnership, for example by trying something completely new together. It can be a sport or something you've always wanted to do. Feel the thrill of speeding across the surface of the water on a safari by a jet ski, for example. Or start with something calmer, maybe an e-bike tour is something for the both of you. At the end of this article you will find a large selection of organized excursions that are absolutely suitable for couples. These are our suggestions:

Trip on the Sailboat

The morning sun shines on the horizon and brings a beautiful glitter on the waves of the Atlantic. A refreshing breeze fills the sails of your yacht and drives you towards the open sea almost silently. You both enjoy the absence of civilization noise, the view of the sea and the lapping of the bow wave while you relax on a comfortable mat. The crew prepares a few delicious dishes and you refresh yourself with a dip in the ocean.

A buggy Tour For Two

These small, rustic vehicles look a bit aggressive and absolutely challenging. No doors or windscreen. They stand on four wide tires and are waiting for you to finally set off. When you close the five-point seat belts, you can already guess what awaits you both. Fun and adrenaline are the two words that best describe the feeling on your buggy tour in Tenerife. If you both have your driver's license with you, you can even take turns driving while on tour or each of you takes your own buggy.

Take Part in a Guided Hiking Tour

Nature lovers won’t stop to be amazed at the large volcanic island. You will find everything from lunar landscapes to steppe-like plains to tropical forests in Tenerife. On a guided hiking tour you get the closest to the true essence of the island. The professional hiking guide takes you on a tour that will particularly impress you. No map reading, no constant orientation: just enjoy and be active.

Horseback Riding in the Nature of Tenerife

These wonderful animals have something special that intrigues most of people extremely. Riding out into the nature of Tenerife by horse will be one of the most beautiful moments of togetherness on your vacation. The powerful beings bring you to the most interesting natural monuments of the island in a gentle and calm way. Even if you have no experience of horse riding, that's not a problem. Before the start of the trip, everything is explained to you in detail and you ride a few test laps on the training ground.

What Should You Consider When Booking Excursions?

In the detailed descriptions of our excursions, please read the points “Please note!” and “Services & Prices” carefully. Here you will find information on the following points:

  1. What are the requirements for participating in this excursion? For buggy tours, for example, this can be a driver's license. Sometimes the minimum age matters.
  2. What else should you consider? For example, if you are planning to go on excursions where there is food, you should tell us whether you suffer from allergies or food intolerances. Then we can inform the operator accordingly.
  3. What should you bring with you on the trip? Sometimes closed shoes are required. Or you should have a jacket or cap with you.
  4. Do you want to be picked up from the hotel? Pay attention to whether and from where the operator offers hotel transfers.

Finally, we advise you to book your desired trip in advance on our website. This is how you secure your seats before they are fully booked.

Additional Information For Couples in Tenerife

Wedding in Tenerife - A Good Idea?

"Yes, I want!" are the words that matter on the most beautiful day of your life. You can easily tie into this special alliance in Tenerife. With its great sandy beaches, the Canary Island offers a correspondingly beautiful backdrop. Wedding barefoot on the beach in Tenerife. That is surely possible. There are wedding agencies that do the planning and administrative work for you. Most of the hotels also offer suitable locations for the celebrations. And we are happy to take care of the leisure activities of those involved before and after the wedding day. Please note that you can only marry in Tenerife at the civil registry office if at least one of the future spouses is Spanish. Church marriages, however, are always possible and also legally binding.

How Is Tenerife For Honeymoon?

You can hardly start your common life better than with your honeymoon to Tenerife. Honeymooners are always very welcome on the island. Let yourself be pampered in a wonderful honeymoon hotel. And behind of the gates of your love nest, the island is waiting with spectacular opportunities for joint activities. Enjoy the romance on the beach while the sun sinks into the sea. Or look for secluded places with great views and have a picnic there. You can also choose a great organized excursion on our website. Honeymooning in Tenerife is definitely worth it.

Where to Find the Tenerife Resorts For Couples?

You can easily filter for so-called “adults only” hotels in the relevant hotel booking portals. These are hotels in which there are no children. You will find that Tenerife has quite a few hotels in this category. Couples, older and young people without children like to spend their vacation there because for them, the relaxation factor is simply higher. You will not find the typical background noise of a family hotel, either by the pool or in the restaurant. Choosing such a hotel is not synonymous to not liking children. But rather, these are the best hotels in Tenerife for young couples that enjoy the remaining child-free time and the older ones that enjoy their youngsters have already grown up.

Where Do Gays and Lesbians Meet up in Tenerife?

A lively gay and lesbian scene has developed in Tenerife in recent years. This is concentrated in the northern regions of the island. In Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz you will find the gay hotspots in Tenerife. At the same time, an ever stronger scene is emerging in the southern tourist epicenters such as Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas. More and more holiday resorts for homosexual guests are being built here. The corresponding offers in the nightlife of the tourist metropolises are also increasing. Holidays for gays and lesbians in Tenerife are definitely worthwhile, especially since the Canarios and the Spaniards are generally considered to be very tolerant and therefore discrimination does not matter.

Tours and Excursions for Couples in Tenerife

In the north, in the center and in the south of the island. Find the excursions in your area.

Tours and Excursions in the North

Boat and Yacht Excursions, Dolphin and Whale Watching in the North

Bus and Minibus Excursions, Jeep Safaris and Day Trips to Other Islands in the North

Buggy and Quad Tours in the North

Bicycle and Segway Tours in the North

Ride Excursions on Horses or Camels in the North

JetSki, Parasailing, Flyboard and Water Sports Combinations in the North

Hiking and Climbing in the North

Diving, Snorkeling and Dive Courses in the North

Tours and Excursions in the Center of the Island

Boat and Yacht Excursions, Dolphin and Whale Watching in the Center of the Island

Bus and Minibus Excursions, Jeep Safaris and Day Trips to Other Islands in the Center of the Island

Buggy and Quad Tours in the Center of the Island

Bicycle and Segway Tours in the Center of the Island

Ride Excursions on Horses or Camels in the Center of the Island

JetSki, Parasailing, Flyboard and Water Sports Combinations in the Center of the Island

Hiking and Climbing in the Center of the Island

Diving, Snorkeling and Dive Courses in the Center of the Island

Tours and Excursions in the South

Boat and Yacht Excursions, Dolphin and Whale Watching in the South

Bus and Minibus Excursions, Jeep Safaris and Day Trips to Other Islands in the South

Buggy and Quad Tours in the South

Bicycle and Segway Tours in the South

Ride Excursions on Horses or Camels in the South

JetSki, Parasailing, Flyboard and Water Sports Combinations in the South

Hiking and Climbing in the South

Diving, Snorkeling and Dive Courses in the South



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