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There are thousands of ways to discover the beautiful island of Tenerife, but only a boat trip will make you feel like a true explorer. Dizzyingly high cliffs, crystal clear water and hidden bays. A paradise opens before your eyes and the gentle sea breeze caresses your skin. Nothing offers a greater feeling of freedom than the pleasant murmur of the sea. Simply perfect to leave your worries and everyday stress behind....

If you are already familiar with the special charm of boat trips, this article is ideal to get a good overview of what is on offer on Tenerife. And if you have never taken a boat tour, you will find the answers to all your questions.


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The types of boats and their characteristics

It is hard to believe but the various boat types differ significantly depending on their structure in terms of sea behaviour. Therefore, the following overview is essential, to get to know the different types of boat and determine which one suits you best in order to make you trip a success.

The monohull

As the name suggests, they basically are boats with only one hull or outer structure and a single keel. Due to its shape, it has greater resistance to waves and currents, so that it sways more strongly. Nothing that a seasickness pill can't cure unless you are seaborne!

The catamaran

In contrast to the monohull, the catamaran has at least two hulls and two keels. It is lighter, more spacious and, thanks to its structure, there is less resistance to the waves, which makes it less swaying. Thanks to the gentle movements you hardly get seasick and you can explore every corner of Tenerife without feeling unwell.

The motor yachts

These boats can be monohulls or multihulls, including catamarans. Since they are motorized, they don't need sails. As a result, they are not dependent on the wind for motion and are overall more comfortable, spacious and agile. In addition, they sway much less than sailboats, so you are less likely to get dizzy during the excursion.

The Sailing Boat

Sailing is a unique experience. With no engine noise, the peace and quiet of the sea is not interrupted. During this activity, you feel a greater bond with nature: the wind blows up the sails, the boat is pushed forward powerfully and you hear the lapping of the waves. This boat tour is a real pleasure for any ocean lover.

The different boat-trips their ambience

Overall, there is a large selection of boat excursions on Tenerife. This choice depends entirely on your current personal preferences. We describe the ambience on the various boat tours in Tenerife so that you can determine which tour meets your expectations.

Party boats in Tenerife

A real disco on the sea. loud music, dancing, wild people, drinks and DJs. So, everything you need for a really great party to the rhythm of the waves, including a bath in sea, if you want to refresh in between.

Day Trips

A calm and relaxed tour where the paradisiacal coast of Tenerife can be captured from a different perspective on a yacht or catamaran. Enjoy the sun with a refreshing drink, and swim or snorkel in quiet bays.

Dolphin Search

On board, you can watch whales and dolphins up close. Some boats also have glass bottoms and underwater cameras so you can even see what's going on below sea level.

Sunset Tours

It is also an especially nice experience to watch a sunset from the sea. Even if this event takes place almost at the end of the day, you can still enjoy the view of the impressive coast of Tenerife.

Submarine Tenerife

Not all discoveries have to necessarily take place above sea level. In Tenerife you can also explore the depths of the mysterious Atlantic with the emblematic yellow submarine. An underwater safari: stingrays camouflaged in the sand, sunken ships, divers between the wrecks, various schools of fish mesmerize with their silvery glitter, slippery moray eels and, with a bit of luck, even a hammerhead shark.

The locations of the ports for excursion-boats

Most of the Tenerife boat trips start in the south and southwest, mainly in the municipality of Arona, but also in other localities. Below we name the main ports on the island so that you can get organized accordingly.

Boat trips from Playa de Las Américas

In the port of Marina del Sur, in the tranquil city of Las Galletas, you will find colourful boats as well as excursion boats for trips along the unmistakable volcanic coast. Here you will see stone beaches, deep black sand and crystal-clear water that is great for swimming or snorkelling.

Boat trips from Los Cristianos

In the tourist port of Los Cristianos, in the city of the same name, you can board the famous Viking ship and sail across the seas like a Scandinavian warrior or watch pilot whales on a Portuguese schooner like a real pirate.

Boat trips from Costa Adeje

In the tourist city of Adeje, you can go aboard a party boat in Puerto Deportivo Colón, a real sea disco. You can also experience a trip on an authentic oriental sailboat or go out to sea on a catamaran to watch whales and dolphins. An enormous variety of excursion boats with different themes leave from this port, and the ecological catamaran deserves special mention.

Boat trips from San Miguel

In the beautiful and tranquil neighbouring community of San Miguel in the south of the island there is, among other things, the exclusive marina Marina San Miguel. This is where the famous yellow submarine of Tenerife starts and sailboats that take you on wonderful walks along the beautiful south coast.

Boat trips from Playa San Juan

From the port in Playa San Juan in the municipality of Guía de Isora, there are various excursions to get to know the rugged coastline in this part of the island: vertiginous cliffs, hidden caves, bays and whale watching.

Boat trips from Los Gigantes

The large selection of boat trips on Tenerife extends a little further north, to the Marina Marina in the city of Los Gigantes, municipality of Santiago del Teide. Set off from this wonderful enclave to watch whales and dolphins or swim in the refreshing waters of the bay, surrounded by the impressive cliffs of this coast.

The services offered on the boats

Before choosing an excursion at sea, it is crucial to check the service on board. Each excursion is described in detail on the website and you can also find everything else you need to know in the section "Service and prices".

  • Food: In most cases, food is included in the price of the excursion. Make sure that you like the dishes on offer. If you have food allergies, check whether alternatives can be offered. If necessary, you can inform us about this when you make your reservation.
  • Drinks: Check whether all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the reservation price, or whether there are exceptions. If you want something specific, make sure it's available and what it costs.
  • Water sports: Sometimes it is included in the excursion price, in other cases it is offered on board at an additional cost. If you are interested in water sports activities, we recommend that you find out about the prices and types in advance: duration, places, restrictions, etc.
  • Duration: It is advisable to consider the duration of the tour as it can vary extremely. As a newcomer, a shorter tour is recommended as a start if you get very seasick or if you don't like it in general.
  • Capacity: The number of passengers on such an excursion can be between 12 and 100 people. It all depends on the size of the boat. This choice is a matter of budget and your sociability.

What you must definitely take with you:

  • Sun protection: This is necessary on both cloudy and sunny days. We recommend applying this generously and repeatedly. The cool breeze is deceptive because the solar radiation intensifies on the sea.
  • Bathing Suits: essential if you have the opportunity to swim in the sea.
  • Towels: Not only for drying off after bathing, but also for covering seats and sun loungers for hygienic reasons.
  • Jackets: Especially in the winter months from October to May, the sea breeze is cooler and you feel more comfortable when you are warm. It is especially advisable when taking part on a sunset trip.
  • Pills for Nausea: If you are concerned that you might get seasick, don't take unnecessary risks. Take a travel tablet before boarding, especially if you are not used to boat tours.

You can also find all the instructions to be followed in the “Important Note!” section of our website.

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