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An Overview: What to see, things to do, the weather and the best hotels in Los Gigantes

The town in the municipality of Santiago del Teide owes its imposing name, Los Gigantes (Spanish the giants), to the dizzyingly high cliffs on the coast of the Teno Natural Park. The Guanches used to call these cliffs “the wall of hell" because they believed it was the very edge of the world and today they are a very popular sight. ...

In this text you can find out what else this holiday destination has to offer its visitors. Read on to find out if Los Gigantes is the right destination for your vacation.


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Things to do in Los Gigantes

The guided tours in Los Gigantes

Because of the impressive cliffs on the coast, water sports activities are of course a must do in Los Gigantes. The size of the rocks becomes especially evident from the sea side. The place offers a great panorama for boat tours and is also ideal for diving. For this reason, we have listed the best maritime offers to discover the wonderful cliffs below:

Catamaran or sailing boat trip: In the far west of Tenerife you can go out to sea with a variety of different types of boats. From the coast you can admire the natural spectacle of sunset, in the shadow of the imposing Los Gigantes or enjoy an exciting day of fishing. Feel the salty wind on your face as you relax while exploring the waters around the cliffs. Choose the variant that suits you best from the many options.

Dolphin tours: This activity certainly also belongs to the main attractions of Los Gigantes. And not without reason! The place is ideal for searching for the popular mammals that will delight you with their swimming and jumping skills. You don't just observe, the crew, who will be happy to provide you with many facts about these animals and the surrounding area. Depending on the boat tour, you also have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear water of one of the bays and how about sliding into the water with a rope?

Water sports activities: A fast jet ski safari or a relaxed kayak tour off the coast or maybe paddle surfing ... whatever you choose, your backdrop is really magnificent: Los Gigantes. Diving and snorkelling: The seabed of Los Gigantes is nowhere near as deep as one would assume, but only about 30 meters. Thanks to this very shallow depth, access is quite easy and there is enormous biodiversity.

Helicopter flight: Exploring the island on the mainland is already a unique experience, imagine what it would be like to do it from the air. Due to their size, the huge Los Gigantes are absolutely impressive seen from above. If you are not afraid of flying, you should not miss this unique experience under any circumstances.

Hiking: Many hiking routes start or end at this location and the most adventurous dare to venture through the Barranco de Masca. It is the most famous track in this region and leads to a bay with crystal clear water. You can also return from there by boat and enjoy the view of the cliffs.

The things to see in Los Gigantes

The best things to do in Los Gigantes are free. Enjoy the view of the seemingly endless cliffs from different perspectives or go swimming, either on the beach or in the so-called natural pools. In the following, we will introduce you to a number of sights that will inspire you in the city and around the famous volcanic walls:

Harbor: Tourism has enormously promoted the development of the coastal area, so there is plenty of living space for residents and tourists around the marina. Here you will also find other services such as car rentals, excursions, live music events and other leisure activities.

Viewpoints: It doesn't matter which one you choose; the perspective is different but the view is always impressive. The most famous among them are the Archipenque and Cherfe viewpoints. But there are also many other places where you can stop and take the photo of the day: the viewpoints Puerto de Los Gigantes, Tancón or Masca are among them. We recommend that you also bring binoculars to watch the guinchos (ospreys) nest in the caves that have been dug into the rocky slopes by sea erosion.

The cliffs: These rocks reach an incredible height of up to 600 meters above sea level at the highest points. No matter from which perspective you look, they rise almost vertically to a dizzying height. The slopes of these steep, volcanic cliffs made of basalt are home to an unimaginable amount of life also underwater. From colonies of pilot whales, turtles, dolphins to countless swarms of native fish species. A characteristic place, of a special kind that will overwhelm you, definitely a must see on a Tenerife vacation.

Surrounding Cities: When you travel to Los Gigantes, it is extremely interesting to visit the cities in the vicinity to learn more about the culture of the islanders. Below we present the most characteristic towns in the region:

- Tamaimo: A mountain village above Los Gigantes. There you will find the emblematic small chapel Hermita de Santa Ana and a couple of authentic Canarian restaurants. A representative place to admire the native flora and other introduced species such as the Amargosa.

- Arguayo: this is a small place dedicated to pottery, you can learn more about it by visiting its museum. The village is of course known for the production of traditional Canarian pottery but also for its wonderful almond grove route.

- Chío: One of the most important agricultural areas in the municipality of Guía de Isora, with small country houses and mountain paths overlooking the neighbouring islands of La Gomera and La Palma.

- Puerto de Santiago: It's a small town with tourist accommodation, but not nearly as crowded as Las Américas. There is a small fishing port from where also the boat trips start that take you to the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Here you can go shopping with the family, enjoy canary tapas or international cuisine, go to the beach or take part in various leisure activities, all in all more tranquil than in the city’s further south.

The shopping possibilities in Los Gigantes

The place Los Gigantes is generally not necessarily a destination for shopping, but rather to enjoy nature, the coast and all the activities that go with it. There are of course shops where you can buy local handicrafts and other local goods as souvenirs. In Puerto Santiago, for example, you will find jewellers, opticians, gift and souvenir shops, boutiques, florists and other service providers. You won’t be missing anything.

The Nightlife of Los Gigantes

In general, this place is much quieter than other tourist resorts. It still offers a variety of bars and disco pubs to party all night long. From the terraces in Puerto Santiago you have a wonderful view of the sea, get exquisite cocktails and there are nightclubs or music and sports bars where you can party and watch the important games of the most popular sports. If you prefer it a little quieter, take a stroll along the coast at sunset and toast, to another night in this dreamlike place, with a glass of island wine.

Things Worth Knowing About Los Gigantes

The weather all year round in los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is also governed by the coastal climate that prevails all over the island which means warm and mild temperatures thanks to the sea breeze. Usually the thermometer is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius all year round. What can vary depending on the season is the behaviour of the sea, but thanks to the many bays and natural pools, you can bathe in calm and crystal-clear waters almost every day. However, always pay attention to the flags, they indicate whether swimming is safe. In general, you should avoid the sea when the sea is rough, as the currents can be extremely dangerous.

The beaches in Los Gigantes and their features

Playa de Alcalá: Bay of gray sand and small pebbles, next to a small fishing pier, on which the freshly caught fish for the local gastronomy is delivered. The beach has a boardwalk where you can enjoy sunset views and ocean breezes.

La Arena Beach: It is located in the city of Puerto Santiago. A black sand beach with a blue flag for cleanliness and a wide variety of services: restaurants, showers, lifeguards, hammocks, umbrellas, supermarkets, etc. Calm and clear water, ideal for snorkelling or diving.

Los Guíos Beach: In addition to the Los Gigantes seaport, this is the most important bathing beach where you can admire the imposing whim of nature: the Los Gigantes cliffs. A wonderful backdrop. Dark sand, calm sea and no wind.

Charco de Isla Cangrejo: It is a natural pool made of volcanic rock protected by a concrete breakwater. Ideal for families, sunbathing and relaxing in the water as long as the sea is calm and there are no strong waves or high tide.

Playa de San Juan: This beach is protected from wind and waves thanks to the fishing port. It's quiet, with black sand and pebbles, and offers a few basic services: parking, showers, parasols, sun loungers, etc. There is also a seaside promenade with culinary options and where you can buy souvenirs.

Some of the best hotels of Los Gigantes

The range of hotels in Los Gigantes is of exceptional quality. The entire area is practically designed for tourists looking for peace and relaxation. The shopping offer is less than in other places, it is overall a more tranquil travel destination. The view, the climate, the nature, the sunsets and the water sports on offer make up for this lack, so that you will not get bored here. In continuation we list the accommodations with the best views and services in the coastal region:

Royal Sun Resort: It is one of the most famous hotels. It has an incredible view of the cliffs and the neighbouring islands. It's spacious, comfortable and offers wonderful service. There are live music shows and activities. You can also use the hotel gym and take a dip in the outdoor pool and enjoy the breath-taking panorama from the comfortable sun lounger.

Hotel Tui Blue Los Gigantes (only for adults): The place itself is quiet, but if you stay in this hotel for adults only, the tranquillity is basically guaranteed. Very comfortable and bright rooms with terraces. In the background the sound of the sea and an impressive blue in contrast to the dark colours of the cliffs.

Las Rosas Resort: An informal resort with a very good location, a spectacular view of Los Gigantes and guaranteed quietness.

Klayman Diamond Aparthotel: Easily accessible, rooms with a view of the majestic giants, spacious and modern. It is close to the town centre, the beach and the shops and offers easy parking.

If you choose Los Gigantes as your vacation spot, take a look below at the excursions you can do there.

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