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An Overview: What to see, things to do, the weather and the best hotels in Los Cristianos

Los Cristinanos in the south of Tenerife belongs to the municipality of Arona and was once a small fishing village. Today it is very popular among tourists due to its peculiar charm, the beautiful beaches and the wide range of excursions.

It has a pedestrian zone that runs along the beach with restaurants, serving international and Canarian cuisine and bars. Like Playa Las Américas, this village is very active both during the day and at night. There are also countless shops, designer boutiques, bazaars and endless arcades where you can go shopping. ...

We have put together an overview of the tourist offer in Los Cristianos, so that you can easily determine whether it is the right destination for you.


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Things to do in Los Cristianos

The guided tours in Los Cristianos

Basically, it can be said that this place is ideal for carrying out nature-related activities. Its location is excellent for boat trips or water sports activities, but it also is a great starting point for excursions on four wheels. Below are the most popular excursions you can do from Los Cristianos.

Viking cruise: from the port of Los Cristianos you embark on this exciting adventure on board a real Viking ship. In this ambience, as in the times of the great and wild warriors, you inevitably feel like a true sailor. You can take home a souvenir thanks to a photographer who captures the best moments of the excursion.

Minibus tours: There is a huge selection of bus tours from Los Cristianos to different parts of the island, of which the most famous certainly is the Teide. If you don't like the hustle and bustle and the waiting of the big coaches, you can choose the smaller minibus instead with very limited seats.

Whale Watching: You can go searching for whales and dolphins on the boat of your choice: a catamaran, a sailboat or a motorized yacht. The experienced crew will make sure you don't miss a sighting. From the sea you will also enjoy the beautiful holiday island from a different perspective. There also are tours that are not exclusively designed for watching dolphins & whales, these combine the experience on the Atlantic Ocean with some party and bathing fun.

Kayak Safari and Snorkel: This excursion takes you to the cliffs of Guaza. It is a nature reserve with an incredible biodiversity. Here you will see such impressive creatures as sea turtles, either from your kayak or while snorkelling.

Visiting La Gomera: From the port of Los Cristianos you can take the ferry to the neighbouring island of La Gomera. You will spend a whole day visiting the most characteristic corners of this beautiful Canary Island. On an organized excursion, you don't have to make plans or mess around with map reading. You will also enjoy a typical Canarian meal in a selected restaurant and a ride on the air-conditioned bus without having to worry about parking or the like.

The things to see in Los Cristianos

You can basically also make use of all the leisure activities and attractions in Playa Las Américas and then return to Los Cristianos and enjoy the peace and quiet there. For example, Siam Park, the ultimate water park, is only 6 minutes’ drive away and after two more minutes by car you can reach the alternative Aqualand. A walk to Las Américas only takes half an hour and you can be there in no time by bicycle! Los Cristianos is therefore very close to the lively tourist metropolises, but is not an overly crowded resort itself. Below we list the sights of Los Cristianos that are worth seeing:

Jungle Park: In this wonderful zoo you will see animals of all kinds. For example, an incredible variety of birds, from eagles and falcons to flamingos and parrots. There also are primates, big cats like leopards or jaguars as well as penguins, reptiles and many more.

Monkey Park: This zoo is dedicated to the conservation of endangered species. Here you can get interesting information about the habits and characteristics of exotic animals.

Camel Park: If you want to take a camel ride or even spend a whole day with these farm animals, this park is highly recommended. Nice staff, beautiful surroundings, well cared for animals and a photo to remember this wonderful experience for a long time.

Los Cristianos Cultural Centre: A modern building in which, in addition to various courses geared towards locals, also various interesting events take place: exhibitions, performances, festivals, etc. The cultural centre also has a library.

Chayofita Mountain Viewpoint: The ideal place to go to stretch your legs and take a very nice walk. An easy climb that you can reach in the company of the youngest of the family and breath-taking views of Los Cristianos and Las Américas. Watch a sunset from this peak.

The shopping possibilities in Los Cristianos

There are shops of all kinds in this resort. Here you will find the most famous designer brands and the best perfumeries. It also has souvenir shops where you can buy gifts or souvenirs for friends and relatives before you return from your Tenerife vacation. The Safari Shopping Centre, best known for its evening lighting, offers jewellery, sportswear, textiles from the leading brands and luxury boutiques with the latest national and international trends. In Los Cristianos itself there is also a flea market every Sunday morning. It is an enormously popular tourist attraction as you can get a wide variety of goods and some canary specialties here. If, contrary to expectations, you do not find what you are looking for in this place, you only have to walk 5 minutes to get to the next one.

The Nightlife of Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos also has a lively nightlife that offers something for every taste. Currently the busiest party mile is the Safari shopping centre, where you will find countless bars and pubs to have a drink or dance. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with live music and different musical styles, visit the bars around Las Vistas Beach instead. In these bars you can dance to Latin American rhythms or the most famous rock or reggae melodies. When it comes to nightlife, the following bars are the most popular among holidaymakers in Los Cristianos:

The Attic Rooftop Bar: a small but very cosy terrace on the top floor of the Paserella Centre serving delicious cocktails and cold beers at good prices. Enjoy music from the 80s in a fun atmosphere. Here you can also watch sporting events on various monitors.

The Wild Side: Simply unique, enjoy a few delicious tapas, good music and the sunset with a view of the sea. Ideal for couples and good friends.

Brahms & Liszt: Cabaret bar with a characteristic ambience, for those who like to mingle with the crowd. You shouldn't be embarrassed as you may have to sing along or contribute to the evening entertainment with a joke.

Casablanca Disco Bar: For over 20 years it has been one of the most important meeting places in the south of the island. Located right on the beach, with a great view, a highly professional team and great music. Fun and atmosphere are guaranteed here.

Things Worth Knowing About Los Cristianos

The weather all year round in los Cristianos

As in the surrounding towns, the temperatures in Las Cristianos are practically all year round between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius with a low probability of rain. It is the typical destination for a sun and beach holiday because you can easily do all the activities related to the sea all year round. The warmest months are usually July and August with an average temperature of 24 degrees.

The beaches in Los Cristianos and their features

There are four beaches in total; two with golden sand (Los Cristianos and Las Vistas) and two with the so-called Callao, dark volcanic gravel (Los Tarajales and El Callao). Here we introduce you to the beaches in detail so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Because each of these beaches has its very own charm:

Los Cristianos: A very lively beach that bears the place name. It has light sand and calm water and offers services such as sunbed rentals and showers, as well as bars and restaurants along a pedestrian promenade.
Las Vistas: It is only 150 meters from Los Cristianos Beach. Also has light sand and there are various services like gastronomy, leisure, water sports, etc. This beach is surrounded by apartments and hotels and you can find shops along its promenade.
Los Tarajales: It is a simple beach and is ideal for relaxing in the sun or watching the sunset. When the tide allows it, divers enjoy exploring the corals here. You can have something to eat and drink in the vicinity.
El Callao: Small beach made of volcanic stone and calm water. It has a nudist area as it is away from mass tourism. It offers a spectacular sunset and is great for hiking.

Some of the best hotels of Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos offers a wide range of hotels and apartments. It is a tourist area and therefore its range of accommodation is hardly manageable. For this reason, we have put together a selection of the best accommodations here:

Spring Arona Gran Hotel & Spa (adults only): A quiet atmosphere for adults with numerous services and fully equipped rooms. On the roof terrace you can enjoy supreme sunsets. The wellness centre with its warm salt water pool completes your relaxation offer.

Sol Arona Tenerife: Room with sea view, only 200 m from the beach and with lots of entertainment for the little ones: from the playground with climbing frame to the super jumper trampoline.

Boutique Hotel H10 Big Sur: This chain of hotels is always a great choice. The mere fact that there is a breakfast service by the pool is uniquely good. Relaxed atmosphere, excellent location right by the sea and top services. Complete contentment is guaranteed with this accommodation.

Hollywood Mirage: Spectacular hotel with all desirable services. The rooms are spacious, have a living room and some even have a fully equipped kitchen. The communal facilities include a bar, a swimming pool and a restaurant offering delicious international food.

If you choose Los Cristianos as your holiday destination, have a look at all the excursions you can do there.

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