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General Information

Who or what is CANCO?

The CANCO Travel Services S.L. Is a Spanish company based in Gran Canaria. CANCO is an intermediary of activities on site and also an ideal contact for the organization of group events (see question “Can CANCO also organize group events (incoming)?”).

What activities does CANCO offer?

CANCO offers only third-party activities, each lasting less than one day. An overview can be found on the home page.

How can I find activities at CANCO?

The activities are sorted by type and group of visitors and listed individually within these groups. In addition, you will find a list of the most frequently booked activities on the home page. There is also a search function available, with which you can directly find and access specific activities.

Does CANCO also organize group events (incoming)?

Yes. CANCO is the ideal contact for companies, associations or other groups when it comes to the organization of group events in Gran Canaria. You can contact CANCO by telephone or by Email. CANCO will then submit tailor-made proposals and offers.

Do I need to create a customer account?

No. You can also book your activities without customer account. However, CANCO recommends that you create a customer account if you want to use the service more frequently. This way you will not have to enter repeatedly necessary data such as addresses, payment methods, Email addresses, etc.

How do I create a customer account?

Click on “Register” on the tool bar on the left side at the top of the website. You will be redirected to a new page. On the left side you can log in if you already have an account. On the right side you can enter the requested data in the form to create your account. Complete the form and click on “Register”. You will immediately receive a conformation message that you have registered successfully. Now use the left side of the page to log in with the registration data you have entered before.

What happens with my data?

Your data will be stored internally in accordance to the European Data Protection Guidelines and the General Terms and Conditions of CANCO and it will be used for the purpose of providing service. This includes the partial transfer of your data to the organizer of the booked activity. We will not share your data with other third parties.
However, CANCO reserves the right to use your data for our own advertising purposes. You may object to this at any time in writing. Email is sufficient.

How do I find out what is included in the activities, what requirements I have to fulfill and what I have to bring along?

For every activity on the CANCO website, you will find a second menu bar in a dark grey bar under the “BOOK NOW” button.

Under “Please note!” you will find the following information:

  • Conditions of participation
  • Necessary personal requirements
  • What you should take to the excursion
  • Tips and recommendations
  • What else you should know to participate in the activity

Under “Services & Prices” you will find the following information:

  • Prices and other costs
  • Data and facts about the activity (duration, event days, etc.)
  • Services, or what is included in the price
  • What is not included in the price
  • Conditions for hotel transfer

Will I be picked up from my accommodation and brought back?

Most activities include a free transfer from the hotel and back again. In the description of the activity in question it is stated precisely whether a transfer takes place and under which conditions.

How do I find out where the meeting point is, and when the activity starts?

You will receive a reservation confirmation by Email within 48 hours after your booking. On there you will find the exact time of day as well as the full description of the pick-up point or activity.

How do I find out who organizes the activity and how can I contact him?

This information is included in the reservation confirmation.

Are there group discounts?

Discounts are usually granted for groups. Factors such as the number of participants and the volume of booked activities are decisive. You will receive discounts as part of tailor-made offers. (See also the question “Can CANCO organize group events (incoming)?”)

Booking Process

How does the booking process work?

On each individual activity description, you will find input and selection fields on the upper right-hand part. Please enter the corresponding number of participants, select the desired date from the calendar and choose whether you want hotel transfer or not list “Hotel Transfer Yes/No:” from the selection list. Click the “Book now” button to find out how much the deposit payment will be for this activity.
Once you have provided this information, click “Book now”. Your selected activity is now in the shopping cart. If you wish, you may now select further activities and add them to the shopping cart following the same procedure.
To finalize the booking, please go to your shopping cart. There you will find an overview of all your desired activities, the prices and the amount of the deposit. Click on the button “Proceed to Checkout”.
Now please enter the required data on the check out. If you have a customer account, you can log in under “Are you returning customer? Login here”. Your data, stored in the customer account is now inserted automatically. Please also provide additional required information on the right hand side. Then select a payment method. Make the deposit payment. At this point the activities are booked. You will immediately receive a booking and payment confirmation by Email. You will then receive the actual reservation confirmation within the next 48 hours.

Can I change a completed booking?

Yes, this is possible up to 24 hours before the start of the activity. An Email indicating the requested changes please attach your reservation confirmation.

Can I book for another person?

Of course. To do this, enter the data of the person you are booking for when booking the activity. Your own data is required for the payment process. For the delivery of the reservation confirmation, you can deposit your own Email address (gift or similar).

Can I also book an activity by phone or directly on-site?

On-site bookings are certainly always possible through our website, for bookings over the phone, you should have your credit card information at hand, as CANCO’s service is based exclusively on electronic processing of bookings and payments.

How long does it take to get the reservation confirmation after booking?

As a rule, you will receive your reservation confirmation no later than 48 hours after your booking. However, delays can occur during peak season when activities may be booked up due the increased request and we have to coordinate alternative dates.

How do I get my reservation confirmation?

You will receive the reservation confirmation by Email.

Do I need to print the reservation confirmation?

Yes, if it’s possible. The printed reservation confirmation must be presented to the tour guide on the day of the activity. The organizers accept the reservation confirmation also in electronic form, if you can present it with your mobile phone or tablet

What happens if I forget my reservation confirmation on the day of the activity?

Do not worry, in this case, please contact the tour guide or the operator’s staff member, who will be able to confirm your registration with the operator using your name and proof of identity.

How can I check availability?

You will find a calendar in the booking mask. The event days of the excursion are activated. The deactivated days are not available. Choose your desired date from the available days.
Please note: CANCO has no direct access to the actual availability of the operator. Therefore, the booked date may actually be unavailable. In this case, CANCO will arrange an alternative date with you. If no alternative date can be found, your booking will be canceled and your deposit refunded.

When and where does the activity start?

You will find pick-up time and meeting point on the reservation confirmation.

When and where will I be picked up on the day of the event?

Pick-up time and meeting point can be found on the reservation confirmation.

Can I choose the date and time of the selected activities?

Date: Basically, you chose your preferred date from the offered selection. However, in peak season, it may happen that your desired date is booked up. In this exceptional case, CANCO will get in touch with you to find an alternative date.
Time: Some activities are carried out several times a day. However, you cannot set the time yourself. This is determined by the operator depending on the booking situation and the season. The determined time is stated on your reservation confirmation.

What payment methods can I use for payments to CANCO?

You can pay by credit or debit card as well as via PayPal. Bank transfers are also available.

Is my payment secure at CANCO?

Of course, CANCO uses internationally recognized and secure online payment systems to process your payments. Your payment information is completely encrypted and therefore protected against access by unauthorized third parties or fraud.

Can I also pay the total amount of the activity in advance?

When booking the activities via our website, the deposits determined by the operator are payable. Bookings of boat charters and bike tours are excepted. Here the total amount is due at the moment of booking. In the case of groups or individual bookings (see question “Can CANCO also organize group events (incoming)?”), Different payment terms may and must be agreed depending on the activity.

How are payments being refunded?

If you cancel an activity according to our cancellation policy prior to the start of the booked activity or if the operator cancels the tour, paid monies will be returned to the account that you used during the booking process (PayPal or credit card) or transferred to your bank account.

How and when do I pay the outstanding amount?

The balance is payable directly to the operator on the day of the event. Please refer to your reservation confirmation for the possible payment method.

Can I book exclusive or private activities?

This is generally possible and often necessary for groups travelling depending on number of participants and the chosen activity. Please contact CANCO before booking. Please also consider the comments on the question “Are there group discounts?”.

Can I customize my activities?

Yes, depending of the size of your group size and by prior arrangement with CANCO this is possible. Contact CANCO for the booking and detailed organization, we will be happy to create a custom tour according to your preferences. Please also consider the comments on the question “Are there group discounts?“.

Are there discounts for children, students or seniors?

For some activities there are correspondingly reduced tariffs. These are listed in the description of the respective activity.

Can I go to an activity by myself, even though the transfer is included?

This is certainly possible. Just specify whether you wish to use the transfer service or not when making the booking.


How can I contact CANCO?

You can contact us through contact form, telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp.

At what times can I reach CANCO?

This depends on the communication path. We are reachable every day. The customer telephone is open from 10am to 6pm. Per WhatsApp you can reach us from 10am to 10pm. And by contact form or Email you can contact us any time.

How can I contact if I have a special request (group events, etc.)?

You can do this by contact form or Email. If you already have a clear concept, simply tell CANCO what your ideas are, what periods you will be on Tenerife, how many people are likely to be travelling, where you are expected to be accommodated, and what the budget will be. But, of course, you can also contact CANCO by phone or WhatsApp.

How can I contact the operator?

This information can be found in the reservation confirmation.

Can I contact CANCO via Facebook and other social media?

Yes, through the CANCO profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Tripadvisor.

Customer Reviews

What should I consider when submitting a review?

You are welcome to give feedback on your experience in participating in the activity. Such feedback is especially helpful for other holidaymakers. But also for CANCO and the operators, this information is important for the regular revision of the offer. Please note the following when submitting your review:
Please only refer to the activities you have actually participated in. For any reviews on the service and the booking process at CANCO, especially if it concerns reimbursement claims, please use the contact form . CANCO is happy to use your suggestions to improve the service.
CANCO will remove ratings if they:

  • are banal, racist, discriminatory or offensive;
  • solely designed to damage the reputation of the operator;
  • negative experiences, caused by the behavior of the customer himself;
  • Include Advertising, spam or links to other websites;
  • concern a different activity;
  • refer to CANCO’s booking process or another service;
  • the customer himself wants CANCO to change or delete it and requests it in writing.

How and where can I make a review of my activity?

On the CANCO website, you can enter ratings in symbols (1 to 5 stars) and written under the “Reviews” tab in the detailed description of the respective activity. You can certainly also give feedback on the CANCO profiles on Facebook, Google+ or Tripadvisor.

Problems And Cancellations

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the activity the start of the booked activity with 100% reimbursement of the paid deposit. No refund will be made after the expiry of this period. When cancelling, date and time of the emission of the cancellation applies.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel by using the contact form or by by Email. To simplify this process, please attach your reservation confirmation.

Do I need to provide a reason to cancel?


I made a mistake while booking. What can I do?

Please contact with CANCO by contact form or by Email. Please attach your booking or reservation confirmation.

What happens if the operator cancels the booked activity?

If the operator may be unable to carry out the activity, due to unforeseeable circumstances on which he has no influence (weather situation, strikes, etc.) he will first search for an alternative date. If a new date cannot be offered, you will receive a full refund of the paid deposit. The deposit will be refunded by CANCO. Please use the contact form or Email. If you have already paid the balance with the operator, he will reimburse this amount. No compensation payment will be made.

What should I do if I have not received a booking or reservation confirmation?

In this case, contact CANCO directly because your booking has not been processed correctly. This means that no reservation has been made for you. Please note that booking and payment confirmation are not a valid reservation confirmation.

What can I do if I have forgotten to print the reservation confirmation and take it with me?

Contact CANCO. CANCO will either send you a copy of the reservation confirmation (fax, Email or WhatsApp) or send a copy of the reservation confirmation directly to the organizer.
(See the question “What happens if I forget my reservation confirmation on the day of the event?”)

I am not satisfied with the service and performance of CANCO or the operator. What can I do?

Despite all efforts to offer you a good service, unforeseen problems can occur. In this case, please contact contact form or Email with CANCO. CANCO will endeavor to find a solution which is amicable for all parties.

What can I do if I am not being picked up on the day of the activity?

Please immediately call the operator directly. CANCO has noted the number for any eventualities on your reservation confirmation. If you cannot reach the operator, call CANCO the emergency call number +34 633 533 444. This emergency phone number is also stated on your reservation confirmation. CANCO will then contact the organizer immediately and clarify this matter.