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The small town on the southeast coast of Tenerife is particularly popular with surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. There is plenty of sun here and, most importantly, steady good wind. Due to its absolutely excellent infrastructure, however, the place is very appealing for holidaymakers in general. There are countless leisure activities to put together an exciting daytime program and various bars to end the evening nicely. ...

In the following we will inform you in detail about the offers in town so that you can determine whether El Medano will be the destination of your Tenerife vacation.


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Things to do in El Medano - The guided tours in El Medano

Diving: El Medano itself is not the best place for diving, but there are many diving centres located here. You will be taken to the best diving spots along the east and west coast to give you a once in a lifetime diving experience. It is not important whether you already have experience or not, there is a suitable offer for everyone.

Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing: In summer the northeast trade wind hits El Medano and provides you with waves of 1-2 meters heights. The rule of thumb here is the farther south on the beach, the higher the waves. There are many schools in the village where you can learn surfing and kiting. If you are already experienced but do not have any equipment with you, there is of course the possibility to rent some.

Hiking: From El Medano you can, for example, take a short walking tour to the 194-meter-high “Montana Roja”. This is a small volcano that is relatively easy to climb. From its top you have a good view of El Medano and the surrounding area. The area around the volcano is a natural reserve, there are over 100 different plant species and more than 70 species of migratory birds stop here.

Cycling: There are quite a few rentals offering street bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes and also normal bikes. You can rent these and explore the island on your own, or take part in the organized tours offered by the operators. In the latter, you will be accompanied by a guide who perfectly knows the surroundings, so that you can be sure to get to see the best of the area.

Canyoning: In El Medano there is the possibility to go canyoning. With this activity you can choose the right gorge for your excursion between different levels of difficulty. You don't need any previous experience and if you don't dare to jump or slide while on tour, no problem, you can abseil instead.

Segway tours: The fun excursions on the Segway start just a few kilometres from El Medano. These are guided tours, which means that you follow a guide while driving your own Segway. You will see a lot while driving and there are stops for interesting information and photos.

The things to see in El Medano

Escapop: With this game you are being locked up in a room in small groups and to get out you have to solve a series of puzzles. Due to the different difficulty levels available, these so-called escape-rooms are fun for young and old!

Yoga: In El Medano you can also take part in yoga classes, these are extremely popular. Many water sports enthusiasts use these courses as a complementary activity, but other holidaymakers also like to use this offer simply for some relaxation.

The shopping possibilities in El Medano

There are no large shopping centres in El Medano, for that you have to go further south, to Costa Adeje for example. In this village there are rather smaller shops and boutiques near the beach but also markets. Below we list some of the more specific shopping options in El Medano:

Canarytessen: This is a small delicatessen shop where you can buy chocolate, wine, but also various cheeses and ham.

Craft market: Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. you have the opportunity to buy self-made jewellery or clothes and other souvenirs.

Mercado del Agricultor (farmers market): This market takes place every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Here you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, but also cheese and nuts. The salespeople will also be happy to give you delicious recipe ideas to cook yourself. The hall in which the market takes place is behind the petrol station, directly at the El Medano motorway exit.

The Nightlife of El Medano

There are a few bars and restaurants in this small town where you can relax and enjoy one or the other drink in the evening. Below we present a small selection:

Flashpoint: A small restaurant right by the sea. Here you get everything from breakfast to lunch to alcoholic beverages. During the day, surfers like to come here when they need a little refreshment. In the evening the restaurant turns into a pub and with good music, surf videos and table football, there can be one or the other spontaneous party.

Veinte 04: This is a surf cafe that offers many delicious dishes during the day. You can end the evening in this restaurant with a beer or cocktail. There are no real parties here, but Friday and Saturday they are open until midnight.

Vinoteca El Bucio: A wine shop that also offers tastings, events and visits to the vineyards, You can also end the evening with good food and of course a glass of wine.

Things Worth Knowing About El Medano - The weather all year round in El Medano

The warmest months in El Medano are July, August and September. During this period, temperatures between 25 and 26 degrees are reached. At night you can expect temperatures around 22 degrees. The water is warmest from August to November, with 25-27 degrees.

From January to March you can expect maximum temperatures of up to 19 degrees, these are basically the coldest months, if you can call it that. The temperatures are then almost stable throughout the whole day, because even at night they are still about 17 degrees.

In general, it hardly rains here at all. Most likely you have to expect precipitation in October and November, whereby it is only about 1 rainy day per month. Consequently, nothing stands in the way of your excursions.

The beaches in El Medano and their features

As already mentioned, the place El Medano is very popular with surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers thanks to its weather conditions. But also, swimmers and children who like to splash in the water will be happy here. In the following we present the beaches of El Medano and their special features:

Playa del Medano: A golden yellow sand beach with a few dunes, in the east of El Medano. This place is particularly interesting for divers and snorkelers. But children can also play safely in the shallow water while their parents sunbathe. There are hardly any waves, which is why you can perfectly relax when bathing. There are also lifeguards and some good dining options on the promenade.

Playa Leocadio Machado: The western beach is particularly popular with windsurfers and kite surfers. Bathing should be avoided here though. Especially in summer, the Northeast Passat ensures fantastic waves and the perfect conditions for water sports enthusiasts.

Tejita Beach: This bright natural beach is located in the nature reserve Reserva Natural Especial Montaña Roja and attracts comparatively less tourists than Playa del Medano. There are some waves here, which is why surfers can often be seen. Parents have to take good care of their children, because the waves can often get quite high. For good swimmers, however, these shouldn't be a problem.

Playa Chica: This small bay is right at the fishing port. From here you can overserve the everyday life of the local fishermen in their colourful boats. There are also many restaurants and cafes right on the beach to refresh yourself and cool off.

Playa Jaquita: A small beach with light brown sand and stones. It is great for children to play and bathing is also very pleasant thanks to the low waves. The neighbouring hotel has a restaurant and there is also a beach bar where to get a few drinks.

Some of the best hotels of El Medano

In El Medano there are actually are only a handful of hotels and, above all, many holiday apartments. Whether you want to stay directly on the beach or further within the city, you can choose between many offers here.

Kn Hotel Arenas del Mar Adults Only: This 4-star, adults-only hotel actually has everything you could wish for. Fitness rooms, spa areas and various pools. There are also 2 restaurants, a cafeteria and a bar. The hotel is only a few meters away from Playa Jaquita. The rooms are generally very spacious and well equipped, with a balcony or terrace and a view of the sea or the mountains. The hotel also offers bike hire and car hire.

Home2Book Sea Front Duplex El Médano: These are holiday apartments that are a good alternative to a hotel, especially for holidays for two. Located right by the sea, you will find everything you need here. The holiday apartments are well equipped and there are restaurants, bars and cafes in the immediate vicinity.

Family apartment: For families who prefer their own holiday apartment instead of a hotel room. There are well-equipped apartments with kitchens and communal pools. There is a parking space and the apartment is right on the beach. Perfect for everyone who prefers to cater for themselves during their vacation instead of having to stick to the restaurant hours of a hotel.

Hotel Medano: With fewer than 100 rooms, this 3-star hotel is rather a small one. There are 2 restaurants and a hotel bar. The hotel does not have its own pool, but the sea is right next door, which is why a pool is not actually necessary. Bike and car rental are also offered, but there are no parking spaces.

Below all the guided excursions in El Medano at a glance:

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