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Tipps & Infos: Von der Vermietung bis zur geführten Buggy-Tour auf Teneriffa

Just looking at the buggy, you suspect that a trip through Tenerife in this science fiction vehicle must be an incomparable experience. It's an absolutely strange vehicle, with gear shifting, a small driver's cab, no doors or a roof and impressively wide off-road tires. This is one of the most popular excursions and that's no wonder: Driving a buggy is particularly fun on a volcanic island like Tenerife!...

If you have never driven a buggy, this article will provide you with very useful information about it. Experienced drivers get the most important advice about the offers in Tenerife.


  1. The origin of the buggy
  2. Tenerife Buggy tours
  3. What happens on a buggy safari
  4. Off-road definition
  5. Buggy rental
  6. Choose a tour
  7. The requirements
  8. Included Services
  9. Our recommendations
  10. Overview of all our buggy-tours

The Buggy - General information

It is an off-road vehicle with a very unconventional shape and a very light chassis. It has no hard top or doors, a lowered body, wide tires with suspension and is a two-seater with minimal interior design.

The first buggies were built by VW, actually by the Californian Scott McKenzie, based on the design of the Volkswagen Beetle. The version at the time, in the early 1960s, was much smaller. As it became increasingly popular thanks to its light structure and easy assembly, it was eventually built with various engines from other automobile brands. Materials like fiberglass and metal tubes were also used. The vehicle was known for being able to drive on sand, consequently on the beach, and was therefore given the name "Dune Buggy", a bestseller among the hippies!

Currently, buggies are no longer just driving on the beaches as they have become all-terrain vehicles. They have all-wheel drive, petrol engines from 250 to 1000 cubic centimetres and sometimes no manual gearshift, just the accelerator and brakes. They are mainly driven away from paved roads and used as a fun mobile for excursions or leisure time tours.

What is driving a buggy like in Tenerife

Driving a buggy is suitable for those who love adventure and action. Your spirit should be unconventional and daring so that you can forego all driving comfort and be ready to get dirty from head to toe. Driving in this 4x4 through Tenerife is dusty in summer and muddy in winter and the wind blows constantly in your face. After the rain, the water splashes from the puddles everywhere and when it is dry, the dust clouds are worthy of a real desert safari. It is recommended that you enjoy extreme experiences because even though you have good traction, you will feel the adrenaline pumping at every turn.

Buggy Tour - How does ist work?

Before you embark on your adventure, you will receive a briefing from your guide on safety, road behaviour and the easy usage of these vehicles. As soon as all questions are resolved, you set off and follow the guide in the safari style. Sounds simple, but the complex terrain, the centrifugal force in the curves and the potholes require your full attention along the entire route and keep you busy. Driving through the beautiful landscapes of Tenerife makes such a safari an absolutely exciting and unique experience.

Offroad-driving in an island like Tenerife

The term "off-road" track indicates that the route runs away from the paved roads. In Tenerife this can be on the beach, in the field, the forest or on dirt roads, fun is undoubtedly guaranteed. You are driving on sand or gravel roads, but be careful! Don't confuse the tour with a rally. You must follow the guide's instructions and speed at all times to ensure your own safety and that of the other participants. Still, it gets really exciting, especially when the tires spin in the curves and cause small adrenaline rushes. It is an activity that requires responsibility for your own well-being and the protection of the environment.

Can you rent a buggy in Tenerife?

Driving a buggy in Tenerife is an absolutely incredible experience thanks to the excellent weather conditions, the varied landscape, the different terrains and the uncountable curves. It therefore is tempting to rent such a vehicle and explore the island on your own. However, this rises a number of issues that you may not have considered before. First of all, you need to know that it is almost impossible to find a buggy for individual rental. The risk of driving on your own is quite high and therefore no insurance company will readily insure such a tour. In addition, on most of the island's off-road routes, an official permit is required to be allowed to drive there and thus enjoy a varied driving experience. The guides not only have this permit, but also know the best and most exciting corners of Tenerife. For all of these reasons, taking a guided buggy tour is recommended so that your experience is completely safe, unrestricted, and enjoyable.

How to choose the right buggy tour

  • For beginners: If you are not entirely sure whether this activity will suit you, we recommend that you start with one of the shorter tours. The tour can be quite strenuous if you have no previous driving experience.
  • For safers: if you are one of those looking for the best value for money, we recommend that you not only consider the price, but also factors such as the duration of the tour, the type of vehicle used, the kilometres travelled and the services included, such the hotel transfers.
  • For sightseeing fans: Find out which sights are being visited and which routes are available. A longer tour is recommended because you simply get to see more of the island.
  • For adrenaline junkies:: In this case it is recommended to make sure that the tour is mainly driven off-road. Also make sure that the motor is as powerful as possible.

The requirements for driving a Buggy in Tenerife

  • Driving license: In order to drive a buggy on public roads, you need a class B driving license. The operator would like to see the original before the tour starts and there are no exceptions.
  • Minimum driving age: The minimum age and driving experience requirements may vary depending on the operator. These depend on the type of tour and the buggies used. Sometimes you must be 18 years old or over to participate, and in other cases you age must be 21 or even have at least 2 years of driving experience. Find out before making your reservation under the menu item "Important Note!" you will find this information on all excursions.
  • Weight: Under "Important Note!" find any rules about this, especially as there may be weight restrictions depending on the buggy model, especially with two passengers.
  • Minimum size: Inquire under the "Important Note!" also the requirements of the body size, this arises regardless of age.
  • Children: The minimum age for children can be 4 or 12 years. It varies depending on the tour and the operator. You can find the exact information here under "Important Note!".

The services included in a buggy safari

The price of the excursion includes all necessary insurance and of course a full fuel tank. Some organizers provide protective goggles and, for an additional fee, you can sometimes get cloths to protect you from dust while driving. Most tour operators will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back, depending on where you are staying. Find out what the excursion has to offer in our “Important Note!” Section. Depending on the type and duration of the tour, food and drinks may also be included in the price.

What you should absolutely consider

You can do buggy tours all year round in Tenerife. Note, however, that the demand is extremely high, especially in summer. If you plan to take your excursion between June and September, we recommend that you book it a few weeks in advance. Also consider whether or not you will be picked up from your accommodation. You can find out about this under the menu item "Important Note!" on the website and book your transfer upon reservation.

What you must definitely take with you:

  • Driver´s license: it is compulsory and you must have the original with you at the time of the tour. Please note that copies will not be accepted.
  • Firm and closed Footwear: An example of a suitable shoe are trainers. Under no circumstances is it permitted to drive in sandals or flip-flops, as these can be a hindrance when driving. Be aware that the shoes you wear can get dirty from dust or even mud.
  • Sportswear: It is ideal to wear comfortable clothing. Remember that when you drive on the off-road tracks, your clothes will get completely dirty. Therefore, don't wear your best clothes for this special occasion.
  • Jackets: Don't trust the sunshine and underestimate the breeze. The wind can be very fresh, especially in the months of October to May and particularly in the interior of the island. Remember that the vehicle is open and there is no chassis to protect you from bad weather.
  • Protection from dust: you will undoubtedly need a cloth or bandana to protect yourself. If you didn’t bring one with you, remember to buy one before the tour, you can get it in the shops on site or from the tour operator at a reasonable price. Without it, you will have to swallow a lot of dust.
  • Sun protection: essential even on cloudy days. Choose a high sun protection factor. The sun shines all year round and the cool breezes can be deceiving.

Now, you know everything there is to know about buggy tours in Tenerife. Well informed, you are able to book the right tour and dive into an incomparable adventure.

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