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What to do in Tenerife - Useful Information

The most beautiful time of the year is approaching: this time you will fly off to Tenerife! What can you do there? Which things to do in Tenerife are worthwhile? And which excursion will suit you best? Find our tips here and figure out which tours and activities will be the most enjoyable for you. We would like to show you how your holiday in Tenerife will become an unforgettable experience.

Our Suggestions For You

Your hotel, the pool and the nearby beach are great, but is that really supposed to be everything?

Time for more, don’t you think! Experience Tenerife from different perspectives with our excursions. It does not matter if you want to keep it calm and relaxed or rather live an adventure with a lot of action. The offer of things to do in Tenerife is incredibly large. Tenerife is a paradise for everyone, whether it is children, nature lovers, singles, sun lovers, hikers, seniors, cyclists, families, climbers, divers etc... We are absolutely sure, everyone will find the right excursions with us.

The Top 10 Tips For Tenerife Excursions

Be inspired by CANCO’s TOP 10 list of the best excursions. Here's what you can do on Tenerife. Ultimately, you will decide which activity suits you best.

1st Place: Whale and Dolphin Watching

This trip is truly suitable for all ages. Large populations of different types of dolphins and some whale species are native around the Canarian archipelago; therefore, it is almost guaranteed to meet dolphins on these tours. Children are thrilled with joy and adults are truly touched by the encounter with these majestic marine mammals in the wild.

2nd Place: Hikes in the Mountains

You should be a bit fit and, above all, not afraid of heights. The breathtaking nature and the beautiful landscapes are waiting to be discovered. These excursions can be undertaken by almost every age group. This is a great way to get to know Tenerife from its unspoilt side. You will never forget the views on this tour.

3rd Place: Action in the Buggy

As the driver of the buggy, you must have a driver's license and, as a passenger, you must be at least 1.35 meters tall. Adrenaline and blood pressure are the two components of your body that will rise importantly in this tour as you rush through the curves in this insane vehicle, spinning your wheels on the dusty slopes.

4th Place: Explore the Island by Bus

Bus tours are suitable for everyone. If you prefer to get to know Tenerife in a more comfortable way, then this excursion is just right for you. Simply get on the bus, take your seat and enjoy the beautiful view. A modern, air-conditioned coach will take you to the most interesting places of your holiday island, see the main attractions and get lots of interesting information from your tour guide.

5th Place: By Boat on the Atlantic Ocean

Whether you are a couple, a single traveler, a group of friends or a family, this tour is suitable for the small and big holidaymakers alike. For those who prefer a quieter day, why not take a tour on a small yacht? The larger boats are great for sociable people, and an afternoon on a party boat is ideal if you are in the mood to celebrate. Glide over the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, take in a few drinks, enjoy the sun and have a refreshing swim in the ocean.

6th Place: Excursions on Horseback

Beginners and experienced riders can participate in this excursion, no matter if they are 5 or 95 years old: a nice guided ride through the inland of Tenerife. With these elegant four-legged friends you can explore the nature and landscape of this Canary Island in a special way. The expert guides show and explain everything you need to know for a safe ride.

7th Place: Feel JetSki Power

Physically, you should be fit, because it takes a little strength to control this power pack on the water. The minimum age for the driver is 16 years and 6 for the co-driver. The most action-packed way to get to know Tenerife from the water is definitely a JetSki tour. The jumps over the waves end with a dull impact on the water surface which shakes you through properly. Absolutely great fun.

8th Place: Rustic Four-Wheel Safari

The slightly harder vehicle requires a stable back from its passengers. These powerful off-road vehicles, take you away from the paved roads right into nature, over hills and rocks. Dress in comfortable sportswear and pack a bandana to protect your face, because it will get really dusty! The rustic jeep safari is definitely a lot more adventurous than a coach. Discover places that remain hidden to conventional bus tours.

Explore the Underwater World

Whether you are young or old, with or without experience, the most important thing is that you can swim. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the underwater world on a snorkeling excursion or an introduction dive while on holiday in Tenerife. The unknown has always fascinated the human kind enormously. Discover the colorful and lively underwater world of the Canary oceans. And also if you are thinking about getting a diving certificate, Tenerife the right place to be.

10th Place: The Catch of Your Life

This is an adventure of a special kind and suitable for those, who are ready to get to their physical limits. Deep Atlantic Ocean surrounds Tenerife. The ocean is full of powerful guys like tunas, marlins and bonitos. A deep-sea fishing tour is about the competition between man and nature. And the powerful fish will fight relentlessly for every meter of string with you.

Which Excursion is Best For You?

Our tip: take your time. Take a look at our offers in peace. For each tour you will find a detailed description of the course of events, where it goes to in Tenerife, what the requirements are and what to take with you. In addition, you will find the experience of other participants under “Reviews” in the menu. The pictures in the “Photo Gallery” should give you a better impression of the excursion. Be sure to carefully read the notes under the menu item “Please note!”. The personal requirements of the participants are being described here among other things. These should definitely be met in order to take part in the chosen activity.

Ultimately, the choice of your tour depends on your own ideas, preferences and interests. Crucial for choosing the right excursion is whether you are traveling alone, with your partner or with your family, is. As not all the things to do in Tenerife are suitable for children or older people. We will gladly answer your questions. Just contact us, and we will get in touch with you in instantly.

Quality and Safety of Our Activies

Please note our 5-star service. For us at CANCO, this service forms the basis of our offer, so that you can safely book with us.

We guarantee a risk-free booking on our website. You can cancel your booking with us up to 24 hours before the excursion date without having to give any reason. And the paid deposit will be refunded fully.

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We offer a great value for money on our excursions. We aim to offer you the cheapest possible activities. At the same time, however, the quality must be high. At CANCO, we therefore only offer operators who occupy top positions in customer satisfaction in the most prestigious rating portals.

We are on site and know the islands well. You can benefit from this. Therefore, you do not need to do extensive research on the internet about all the activities on the market. Our website already offers you a selection of the best things to do in Tenerife.

We secure your spaces for the most popular things to do in Tenerife. During the season it often happens, that the best activities are booked up quickly. If you try to book a tour in Tenerife at short notice, you will most likely be disappointed, because there will be no places available for days. For an all-round successful holiday, we therefore recommend booking the desired activities online in advance.

We at CANCO wish you a wonderful holiday in Tenerife and have fun browsing through our site.

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